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Yearbook 1996

Austria. At the beginning of the year, the two former government parties Sozialdemokratische Partei Österreichs (SPÖ) and Österreichische Volkspartei (ÖVP) reached an agreement on substantial budget savings. This further led to the formation of a new government coalition between the two parties; the previous one exploded in October 1995, with new elections as a result.

1996 Austria

The simultaneous municipal and EU elections in October meant tangible losses for the SPÖ. According to, the right-wing populist, led by Jörg Haider, the Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs (FPÖ) got just over a percent less votes than the Social Democrats in the EU elections, while for the first time since 1966, the ÖVP became the largest party in Austrian politics. The result of the municipal elections meant that SPÖ lost the absolute majority that the party had held in the city council in Vienna ever since 1919.

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