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Yearbook 1996

Australia. According to, the bourgeois coalition, made up of the Liberal Party (LP) and the National Party (NP), won the parliamentary election on March 2 and occupied 94 of the 148 seats in the House of Representatives, one of Parliament's two chambers. The Australian Labor Party (ALP) lost power after ruling the country for thirteen years. New Prime Minister after Labor's Paul Keating became LP's leader John Howard, age 56 and a lawyer. Howard had been dismissed as the party's leader after an internal battle in 1989 but returned in 1995. One of the key issues in the election was whether Australia should remain a monarchy or become a republic. Keating had for a long time pushed the issue of breaking ties with Britain and declaring Australia a republic. Shortly after the election, Keating resigned from the party leadership post, and 46-year-old Kim Beazley took over. He was previously Deputy Prime Minister.

1996 Australia

1996 AustraliaThe Northern Territory Supreme Court ruled on July 24 a controversial law that allows active euthanasia. The Australian Medical Association was expected to appeal the verdict.

A riot broke out on August 19 in Australia's capital Canberra against the government's planned budget cuts and changes in labor law. About 25,000 union members, residents and students participated. It was the most violent political manifestation in the capital in 21 years.

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